High Hopes

There was a song once, the lyrics of which went this way:
“Once there was a silly old ant.  Thought he’d move a rubber tree plant.  Everyone knows an ant can’t move a rubber tree plant.  But he had high hopes.   High in the apple sky hopes…”
The next thing you know, there is an ant moving a rubber tree plant.  The key to those lyrics is in the high hopes. What it means, high in the apple sky…Hope.  Hope that is unwavering.  Hope that is based in knowing that we have a God that’s bigger than any problem.  Hope in knowing that if you have a desire in your heart there is a God who can match that desire.
That God is with you and that God loves you.  That God is moving through you.  Today, get in touch with some of your hope and together let’s join in helping, supporting and praying for each other and making those hopes really high hopes.  The next thing you know, each one of us –in our own way –will be moving some kind of rubber tree plant. 

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