“Great Day” By Mary Morrissey

Here is a powerful spiritual practice for thinking positive:

What if you knew that today was absolutely a great day?

Use positive thinking to fuel your mind.  Did you recognize that the whole Universe showed up for you this day?

A great spiritual practice is to remember that everything that would happen this day, every person you would meet, every thought; everything would be orchestrated by a G-O-D, grand overall designing power, that is love itself in which you are made and move and have your being.

Right now you’re in the midst of a great day. There is never a day in your entire life when you can be closer to God than this day because God will never be closer to you than this day.

Right here and right now, let’s live this day from the perspective, “Wow! This is a great day!”

To Your Best Life,
Mary Morrissey

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