Good Thinking

I was speaking in Kansas City once when a gentleman handed me a book that he had written.  This book really touched my heart.  His name is Douglas McLaughlin and I wanted to share with you one little paragraph from his book:
“It became clear to me during a conversation with my son that we each need to become our own philosopher.  We need to know what makes us tick.  We need to know why we behave the way we do.  We need to know what our passion is.  The only way you can achieve that honorable goal is by thinking.  Thinking!  Thinking will allow you to arrive at your own solutions and your own conclusions, not just handed down ideas or handed down ways of being; your own.  When you have done that, you can call yourself a philosopher.”
The name of his book is “The Back Porch Philosopher.”
I invite each one of us today to spend a little bit of time in our favorite chair doing some really good thinking.  It’s one of our greatest gifts.

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