Sitting in God’s Classroom

I love reading the poetry of Hafiz, the Persian poet in the 1300’s who in his poetry writes about having a love affair with life itself, right in the midst of our daily living.

He writes this one sweet little poem that I want to offer you today for consideration.

“We have all come to the right place. We all sit in God’s classroom. Now, the only thing left for us to do my dear, is to stop throwing spitballs for a while.”

What a wonderful thought! Here you are, and the curriculum of your daily life is perfect. The spit-balls are merely thoughts of, “I want this to be different.”

What if we could stop throwing spit-balls and start embracing, opening up to, and inviting the curriculum of love to have its way today? What a wonderful day you can create.

Enjoy the Classroom,

Mary Morrissey

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