“Get Moving” by Mary Morrissey

It was Edison who said that great ideas originate in the muscles.

Great ideas originate in the muscles, meaning if we move our bodies, it moves blood. This movement and increased flow occurs not just in our muscles, but in our brain –from which great ideas originate.

If we will just move our bodies a little bit more than we’re used to, we can start a movement for good. Maybe we take three big stretches today, or do a couple of sit-ups, or whatever it is that would move your body a little bit differently than you’re used to. Notice what happens to your thinking.

It’s okay today to have a great idea. Couldn’t that change your life or make a difference for good? I want to have some great ideas today. So join me on that –let’s move our muscles and generate some great ideas.

Let’s Get Moving,

Mary Morrissey

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