Free Yourself by Mary Morrissey

Have you wanted to let go of something? Something that just makes you feel bad every time it comes to mind it?

Maybe you want to let go of something that happened that you wish hadn’t happened or something you didn’t do that you wish you had done. Most of us have something that when we remember, it just makes us feel bad.

Joe and I had a chance to be with one of our dear friends, the renowned kinesiologist, Dr. Otis Thomas recently. He shared with us an affirmation for letting go. When we use this affirmation our body, our muscle memory, and our whole cellular system will respond with freedom.

We really can let go when we choose to, and this will help.

Take a deep breath and say this: I release whatever it is and so does my inner being. I release this now forever to my Creator. I release and so does my inner being. I release this forever to my Creator.

Supporting Your Freedom,

Mary Morrissey

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