“Focus on Gratitude” by Mary Morrissey

The apostle Paul wrote from a dark, dank prison, these illuminated words: “I have learned this one thing in life; that in whatever state I find myself, therein to be grateful. Whatever condition I find myself, therein to be grateful.”

Now, he’s not saying he’s grateful for being in the prison. He’s saying that he has control over his thinking no matter what his circumstances look like. Gratitude elevates perspective. Gratitude changes the vibratory field in such a way that you begin to have access to the field of all possibilities.

I invite you to practice today, no matter what condition you find yourself in right now, move to a state of gratitude. Think of just one thing you are thankful for. It might seem small, it might only be this breath, but it is an enormous shift in perspective. Focus on it until you are permeated with gratitude.

Your inner state is what matters. The circumstances will pass. Be filled today with an attitude of gratitude!

In Gratitude,

Mary Morrissey

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