Finding Your Purpose by Mary Morrissey

Many of you know that one of the things I love doing most is the work I get to do with individuals where I have the opportunity to coach them from where they are to where they want to be.

This starts with finding Your Purpose

I would like to pass along to you one of the strategies we so that you can utilize it for yourself

1. We start with a purpose statement
2. We create a vision
3. We write our goals

I want to share with you a purpose statement that one of the people I get to work with wrote.

She wrote: “My purpose: To be happy; to encourage, to educate, to enliven others; to grow as a spiritual human being; to evolve and discover the wonders within myself; to love; to open deeply to all that love can teach me; to live life to its fullest; to be a lifelong student of learning; to be an excellent partner, friend and lover of life.”

Remember, your purpose isn’t what you are going to create. It’s why you are being in the world.

So if someone asks you today, what is your purpose? What would you say?

Here’s To Discovering Your Purpose,

Mary Morrissey

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