“Finding Balance” by Mary Morrissey

Do you remember what it was like when you learned to ride a bike?

When you learn to ride a bike it’s really hard at first to know what balance feels like. You are riding along when you lean a little too far to the left and you end up scraping a knee. You think, “Oh that hurt!” so then you tend to lean too far to the right. That means you’d scrape another knee and ooh that hurts.

Ultimately, you learned to tip less in either direction and you learned what it feels like to really be in balance. Now, the rest of our life isn’t very much different than that.

When we go too far one way or another, life tends to give us a scrape, or a bump, or sometimes a knock on the head. But, if we learn to really pay attention to that inner voice guiding us, we too can live a life of balance. We can live with ease and grace and that’s really what it’s like to live inside God’s will.

Hopefully, today you just pay attention to the way you really feel in that expanded moment of balance. Know that, right in that moment, you are in the will of God.

Here’s To Finding Balance,

Mary Morrissey

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