“Change the Channel” by Mary Morrissey

If you were to watch T.V. today and you didn’t like the broadcast, you would change the channel. The same thing is true of your mind. If you don’t like the frequency you are stuck on, you have a choice.

Most people have no idea they can change the channel. They are stuck on C.N.N. (Constantly Negative News). They don’t realize they could choose to be on Discovery, Home & Garden, the History Channel, or any number of other mental frequencies that are in harmony with the life they want to create.

If you are stuck in a thinking rut, you might try asking yourself an empowering question like, “How can I see this differently?” or “What could I be thinking about that would bring me most alive?” Then stay with the question until you get off that old channel. You’ll know you are on the new channel when you start feeling uplifted again.

Choose Wisely,

Mary Morrissey

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