Believing You Can

It was Henry Ford who once said, “If you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right.”  
When I was teaching elementary school many, many years ago I began to notice that it was the child’s ‘I can’ that was way more important than the child’s IQ.  What I came to believe as I worked with adults over the next thirty years is that this is true for every one of us.
It’s that sense of ‘I can’ that empowers us to do things that help us expand into the aliveness that is calling every single one of us.  If you and I are breathing, life itself is calling to us to expand, grow, become, give and to live fully in this day.
Tune into whenever you start thinking “I can’t” or “This is too big of a problem.”  Whether you think you can or cannot, you will be right.  Instead, let’s say, “Up until now I haven’t been able to, but starting now I am going to look for ways I can.”  Believe you can.  You will be right.

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