“A Special Day” by Mary Morrissey

This is such a beautiful and special day…Do you know about it? In the northern hemisphere where I live, it’s the shortest day of the year and the longest night. In the southern hemisphere, it’s the opposite.

Many ancient cultures actually considered this a sacred “day out of time.” It’s the actual moment when the light (in the northern hemisphere) is being reborn. Tomorrow will be the first day of winter here.

At the time of greatest darkness, the seed of light begins to grow. We’ve experienced some darkness recently in the United States. Our east coast was hit by a super storm, Hurricane Sandy. And in Connecticut, our families in Newtown were hit with another kind of super storm.

It is easy to become lost in the darkness, forgetting. But this day comes to remind us, that it’s actually a time to remember the light. It’s a time to honor the helpers- the people who are showing up as heroes in our lives and in our world.

We bring the light. You and I. Today, we can choose to amplify that light and offer it to the world. This is what Wallace Wattles calls being “a person of increase.” That just by being near you, others feel calmed, loved and hopeful.

For the Mayans, today marked the end of their largest calendar cycle. But it’s not a day of endings! It is a day that holds the seed of beginnings. Light a candle in your home and invite the light –invite the new.

What seeds will you plant today? What seeds in your heart and mind will you water that will flourish in the coming year?

We all have every seed within us. We have seeds of doubt and worry. We have seeds of love and joy. Which seeds will sprout?

The ones you water with your attention.

So today and tonight, honor the light. Honor the light within you, and within the world. Look for the beauty. Look for the love.

And bring the beauty. Bring the love!

I’m celebrating you today…And sending you a big hug.

Happy Solstice—and Happy SOUL-stice!

Much love,

Mary Morrissey

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