A Greater Good

Recently, I was speaking near Washington D.C. and was taken to the unveiling of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial.

Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, “Every person must decide whether they will walk in the light of creative altruism or the darkness of destructive selfishness. This is the judgment. Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, what are you doing for others?”

There are many, many ways to “do for others.”

Let’s talk about two less common ways.

You know, “doing for others” can be a simple as making a decision to smile more than you currently do.

You can make a decision that you will take responsibility to bring the sunshine wherever you go.

You could also do for others by seeing the best in every person you meet. It’s an odd thing but true, that whatever you see in others you magnify in yourself.

And here’s where it gets really amazing, that by doing good for others, you are actually doing “good” for yourself!

To Your and Our World’s Greater Good,

Mary Morrissey

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