“A Daily Moment” by Mary Morrissey

Someone asked me once, “Do you ever get tired of doing those Daily Dream Builders? Isn’t it hard to think up something new every single day?”

I said, “You know, long before I did daily messages for others I made it my daily practice to do one for myself –taking a moment to pause, reflect, consider and to remember how good this life is.”

I always consider a quote, idea or a story to focus on that inspires and uplifts my day.

The key is this: I knew that if I didn’t implement this practice, that my mind would succumb to the broadcast of ordinary thinking or the broadcast of bad news and worse news yet (I call it C.N.N. Constantly Negative News).

There’s great power in a daily practice that brings you to a higher level of thinking and being. A good daily practice will change the trajectory of your day, creating powerful results in your relationships, your work and your spirit.

Here’s To Your Daily Moment,

Mary Morrissey

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