The 3 “Myths” That Can Block Your Success


success myths

These success myths are simple, yet powerful. They affect nearly all of us from time to time, and they’re what will hold you back from making good on your desire to create a life you truly love living.

It’s possible to have a dream and turn it into your real life.

I know this to be true because I’ve invested the last 30+ years of my life to teaching people how to do just that!

I always ask my clients, “If you were living a successful life you loved, what would that look like?”

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Most of us have a vision of what we’d love our lives to look like, but we fail to take the steps to transform that vision into reality… because we usually allow one of three success “myths” to hold us back.

These three myths are:

MYTH #1: The “Downside” Of Success


One might think that there couldn’t possibly be a “downside to success.” Can you think of any?

Would you believe that the most common answer is, “What will people think of me?”

What if my friends don’t grow like I do? Will my parents accept my choices? Will my friends think I’m competing with them? Who will I spend time with if I lose all of my friends?

How to overcome fearThis fear is powerful. We all care about what others think of us from time to time — this is just a part of being human. But do we want to let fear of what others think dictate the tempo of our lives?

Remember that being successful and living a life you love living are the best gifts that you can share with the world.

When you are happy, this energy ripples out into the world around you, and you inspire others to pursue what makes them happy too.

MYTH #2: I Am Not Ready for Success

Who ever feels 100% ready to take a leap into the unknown?

And how many people experience “perfect timing” when it’s time to stretch beyond their comfort zone and take a risk?

Feeling like you’re not ready or that the timing isn’t quite right for you yet is actually called the “perfectionist paradigm” — you’re waiting for the stars to all be in alignment before you embark on your success journey… but the fact is that this rarely happens!

You could wait for the perfect time, for the perfect person to show up and help you, and for the perfect circumstances to appear, but all you’ll do is end up waiting, and postponing taking action on your goals and dreams.

I teach my clients that they can move toward their dreams simply by doing what they can, from where they are, with what they have.

Let me explain why procrastination is such an insidious problem: It keeps us stuck in the same place, doing the same things over and over again.

We remain stuck in the same rut.

Eventually, we get used to the rut we’re in. It becomes comfortable to us, and once this happens, the rut we’re in simply becomes our “new normal.” We settle for where we are, instead of aspiring to lift ourselves higher.

We have come to believe that, if we at least maintain where we are, we can get to our dream from here… even if the pattern we are in makes us unhappy, or causes pain or dis-ease.

So many people choose to live unhappy lives without realizing that the problem is not their circumstance, but rather the fear they have around pulling themselves up and out of the rut they’re stuck in.

MYTH #3: When will the other shoe drop?

Have you ever thought to yourself, “This is too good to be true! Something bad is bound to happen.”

Sometimes, when we get a taste of success, the sensation is unfamiliar. We’re not sure it’s real. It’s delicious, mouth-watering, but it can’t possibly last, can it?

Fear makes its presence known in the form of worry, doubt and even scarcity. It can give us reason to pause and wonder, how long can this wonderful opportunity, relationship or situation last? We don’t want to lose it.

However, keep in mind that, once we begin moving toward our goals and dreams on a regular basis (no matter how big or small the step), success is inevitable. Remembering this is what will help you stay on track.

How to live a successful life

The 3 success myths that I’ve just shared with you hold many of us back from success, happiness and fulfillment, but that doesn’t mean they’re real…

Fear of what our friends and family may think, fear of not being ready and fear that our success are only temporary phenomenon that will fade away, provided we don’t give them any energy.

Remember: Fear = False Evidence Appearing as Real

Don’t let this false evidence keep you from your dreams. These 3 success myths may exist, but know that pursuing what it is that you love is what will elevate you and the people around you to new heights of joy and happiness.

BONUS UPDATE: Success Myths to Ignore

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  • Emily Gauthier

    Thank you, Mary! I definitely resonate with that first point somewhat. I’m going to look at your book. Thank you for sharing the insight to overcome this fear. I enjoy your posts/emails… you’re one of not too many subscriber lists I decided to stay on when I cleaned out what was coming in my inbox. Your material seems clear and effective, and I feel confident and hopeful when I listen to/read it.

    • Karla Colin

      Hi Emily, thank you for your great comment. I think we all are FAR GREATER THAN ANY CIRCUMSTANCES around us!
      Please let me know how did you like the ebook. It has valuable content about how we can work on getting unstuck and overcome those feelings and paradigms that are sometimes overwhelming… but it is important to try to NOTICE them, breath, and work on them…
      Emily, Im glad you kept my info in your inbox. I look forward to hearing from you! The best way to reach out by email is:


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