In Honor of My Mother’s 100th Birthday

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In Celebration of What Would Have Been My Mother’s 100th Birthday, Here are Some of the Most Valuable Lessons She Taught Me – Plus a Free Gift I Know You’re Going to Love!

My mother, Dorothy Manin, passed away in 2010 and today marks what would have been her 100th birthday. (more…)

Is My Relationship Over? Or Does It Just Need Work?

Here are 5 Tell-Tale Signs That Your Relationship Isn’t Going Well and That It May Be Time to Move On

Do you sometimes find yourself wondering if your relationship has run its course, and maybe it’s time to call it a day, end things and move toward what’s next for you? (more…)

3 Incredibly Important Lessons in Failure

mary morrissey lesson in failure

Here’s How to Transform Any Failure Into a Stepping Stone Toward Becoming the Next, Best Version of Yourself

Have you ever heard the term, “dark night of the soul?”

“Dark Night of the Soul” is a poem written by the 16th-century Spanish mystic and poet St. John of the Cross. (more…)

How to Get Closure With Someone You Feel Has Let You Down

3 Powerful Steps You Can Follow to Release Pain, Anger or Resentment from the Past, and Move into a Happier, Freer and More Joy-Filled Future

Before I was a transformational life coach, I was a counseling psychologist for many years.

After counseling many individuals and couples from a psychological framework, I learned that most of us tend to rehearse the pain of our pasts over and over again, hoping that if we relive it enough, it will go away. (more…)

Is Your “Thermostatic Setting” Preventing You From Experiencing All of the Freedom, Success & Happy Relationships You Desire?

Here’s How I Almost Compromised My Own Happy Relationship…

…and One Simple Shift to Allow for Much More Joy in Life.

There’s a “thermostatic setting” within each of us that governs how much good, fun, love and life we allow ourselves to experience and enjoy.

In order to change our thermostatic setting, let’s first take a look at what a thermostat is. (more…)

Mentorship: The Leadership Behavior That Propels Highly Successful People to the Top

leadership behavior staircase

Discover the leadership behavior that will empower you to generate extraordinary results at home and at work.

Have you ever wondered what specific leadership behaviors allow highly successful people to achieve the seemingly impossible?

What is it that gives them that edge over others, and allows them to generate extraordinary results personally, professionally and in the world? (more…)

I Want to Be Rich! Is That Even Okay?

How Your Desire for Abundance Influences Your Success and Your Ability to Make a Difference in the World

If you’re like most people, you seek greater success and happiness in life. But have you ever thought, “I want to be rich!” and then immediately wondered if it’s wrong to love money… or if wanting to be rich makes you greedy or less spiritual? (more…)

28 Inspiring Gratitude Quotes That Will Transform Your Day


Inspiring gratitude quotes that are sure to help shift your perspective toward what’s already great about you life and elevate your spirits!

Would you love to experience greater ease, flow, and abundance in your life? If so, gratitude is the pathway that will take you there!

By practicing gratitude, we change our entire magnetic field and attract opportunities for greater abundance and joy into our lives. (more…)

Comments (16)

  • Andrew Dio

    Thank you. Two or these quotes made my day.

  • Rosaline Lazarus

    Thanks a million for these powerful quotes.It has been my experience that gratitude opens the door to power and creativity.

  • Sarayu Ramaswamy

    Gratitude is some smallest particle of thanks To everyone whom have contributed immensely for our growth and development and God for all the blessings that have been showered on us . Mary , Thank you so much for having sent the great quotations about gratitude , the words of wisdom uttered by so many eminent persons . May God bless you for your large heartedness .

  • Maria Manuel

    Thank you for being a blessing.

  • Thank you Mary, for these lovely Gratitude Affirmations. I am so grateful you are part of the abundance in my life! Thank you for all your teachings and your support. warmly, Beth

  • Words of Wisdom. am so blessed Mary. Thank you for your continual inspirational, motivational words. God bless you and all of yours.

  • I like to put up a few reminders around my house to keep me on the right mind set through the day when home.

  • Betsy Mitchell

    So simple, so true and so powerful. I am working toward deepening my sense of gratitude on a daily basis. Simple, but not always easy. I feel myself expanding though!

  • Dorothy Knight

    I agree. Gratitude brightens your perspective and increases your happiness. It’s all good. ?

  • Jan Grenell

    Thank you so much. I can’t begin to tell you, how many times in my life you have been this for me. Thank you for being the Blessing! I am very grateful.

  • Lisa Garmon

    Wonderful gratitude quotes, I sent this email to my children and closest friends. Thank you.

  • Barbara Hoelscher

    I’m grateful for and love my conversations (prayers) with my Heavenly Father. I’m grateful for and love my outdoors and the critters who share it with me. I’m grateful for and love the Church that found me and nurtures me. I’m grateful for and love my families!

  • Suzanne Troll

    I am grateful for many things and people therefore. I will keep it simple and express my gratitude for quotations of all kinds, the people who expressed them originally and the people that have recorded them so that they can be shared. They can spark life back into us,. Thank you for the loving miracle that you are, Mary!

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